A virtual platform for the history of Skiing


Museums and historical archives are confronted with staedily  growing changes and new challenges.  In order to make our historical heritage better available to a wider public, we are participating  in   a project to  establish  a virtual platform for the collection and presentation of regional aspects in relation to the development of skiing, wintersports and tourism.


The virtual platform of skiing has to  be seen as an overall  e-line media to maintain documents, pictures, videos,   oral testimonials of living witnesses in regard to various local aspects of history  (recorded  on mp3 files and other media).


The digital database should   continously  grow and is meant to serve the public also outside our own region.

A major issue will be to set  up of a digital photographic library within the virtual platform. It will maintain all the major historically  relevant photographs  which will be most useful for local authorities   in  planning  their regional social anc cultural  activities. It will be most useful for other experts and historians as well as tourism, schools and journalists.  The photographs to be digitally collected originate from various collections and existing archives.  The virtual platform will be the missing tool for an efficient exchange of existing information as on-line links between archives, museums and historical research.


We are especially interested in photographs that have a significant proof of the past and allow us to better understand our own history as well as recorded interviews with local residents on their views of different subjects and aspects of sociocultural interests which could lead to new and additional conclusions.  This will widen and complete the existing knowledge and data base.


Concerning the development of Skiing and Wintersports, there are  similar developments in the regional areas of Vorarlberg (for western Austria) and  the neighboring German region of Allgau and the Black Forest.

Wintersports and tourism are key economic factors for the regional partners of this project.  They have created an important business volume.



The museums, archives and the foundation Friends of Hannes Schneider (as one of the key partners) have a major role in making the historic heritage of the regions easily available and motivating the public to learn more about its' own history and sociocultural roots.


Additional information on the program Alpenrhein I Bodensee I Hochrhein